recorded by Jörg Hess, Chuchstreet Studios in September 2012
mixed & mastered by Jörg Hess, Chuchstreet Studios in March 2013
released by Meta Matter Records in April 2013

Is it nihilist black metal pedaled by a lone bedroom misanthrope again? Is it some teenage death metal? My hopes are often close to extinguished if I see a hint of goats, skulls or mysterious solitary figures these days. However, Dark tharr's lone goat skull man brings us some (skull)cracking doom and for this I am glad. - Mike (

Dark Tharr succeeds in sounding desolate and empty, yet they do so to an extent that the performance itself becomes lifeless after a while. [...] Another effective element, and perhaps the band’s best aspect, is their bass. The listener is treated to a deep, thick wall of sound that pounds alongside the guitar. It is utilized particularly well in ’Days of Despair’, in which its heavy movements are akin to Om’s distinctive usage of distorted bass. With the basic song structures, minimal variation in riffs and repetition of Stoner-inspired melodies, Dark Tharr almost begins to sound close to a less ambitious and more depressive sounding Weedeater. - Dante Duvall (

The songs have pretty pleasant and doomish groove on them at times, and the compositions do not get to feel laconic or boring at anytime. - Aleksi Vaittinen (

Freiburger Sludge, Doom-Band mit ihrem Debüt. Musikalisch geht es zum 90er Jahre Sound a la Noothgrush und Weedeater mit einem Gitarrensound, der an frühe Saint Vitus erinnert. Sehr slow und bedrohlich, düstere Hooks und shredding Vocals. Dafür verantwortlich sind drei Frauen und ein Lakei des Bösen am Bass, die uns hier fünf Nummern darreichen, die in den Churchstreet Studios eingespielt wurden. Bestimmt bei einer schwarzen Messe. Hail Satan! (

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